Our Mission and How We Do It

    The mission of Center for the Empowerment of Families Inc., is to empower trauma affected youth and their families, through resilient skills that can reverberate in their own communities. We provide programming and emotional support to Los Angeles County youth and families affected by trauma and crisis experiences, through therapeutic mentorship with integrated arts and family engagement skills. We are also providers of state certified professional development trainings in trauma informed care. 

    Our service communities include low income housing, mental health centers, Los Angeles County day time schools & afterschool programs, group homes, hospitals, foster care residents, juvenile halls and camps, parks and recreations centers, and faith based organizations. Our participating youth and their families or caregivers, are matched with trauma resilient mentors who are also either mental health professionals and/or professional artists trained in innovative approaches to therapeutic services. 

    CEF was established in 2006 by Dr. Sharon Rabb, a Los Angeles native and Psychologist, herself a Survivor of extremely traumatic childhood experiences. Dr. Rabb envisioned a future where communities are transformed by providing robust mentorship and healing- centered support. She aimed to help improve the quality of life for communities by addressing urgent individual needs in youth and family systems, peer and family relationships, academic achievement, community living and shared responsibilities that protect diversity and inclusion for everyone. 



In Defense of Girlhood

Addressing Adultification Bias In Schools and Family Systems



We recognize our late Founder, Dr. Sharon Rabb, for her commitment to providing intensive mental health and relational skills to the youth, men, and women in the California Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, Los Angeles County Probation Juvenile Halls, Children's Institute International, Oasis Clinic, Shields for Families residents, Nickerson Gardens Housing, Kedren Mental Health, and several other communities working with Los Angeles underserved populations.


Through her dedication, Dr. Rabb extended her outreach to provide healthy relationship skills to 400+ incarcerated men and women returning to their communities. 

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