Therapeutic Mentorship and Arts Integration

Since 2006, CEF has provided trauma informed care professional trainings and intensive crisis recovery with integrated arts programming for youth in community based parks and recreation centers, juvenile and adult detention facilities, mental health centers, continuation schools, public housing sites, and faith-based communities. CEF is committed to healing-centered methods that increase recovery and sustainable health goals for youth and families at- risk or directly impacted by crisis. We partner with professional artists and community partners to foster resilient behaviors that will reverberate generationally and throughout our participants’ communities 

Since 2010, CEF’s performance evaluations demonstrate increased outcomes for participants receiving continuum of care mentorship with integrated arts. Professional musicians, photographers, sculptors, dancers, and actors receiving CEF’s trauma informed care professional trainings report feeling more encouraged and connected to their work. An average of 450 youth and families receive healing centered programs annually, and participant evaluations reflect 30% improved attendance and increased family/caregiver support. By 2010, 85% of CEF mentors were professional artists, including Wutang Clan musician RZA, who has provided instruction at Eastlake Juvenile Hall. CEF partnered with Pony Box Dance Theater in 2014, to establish The Dance for Healing Project, a program acknowledged by the LA Sentinel, LAUSD, LA County Probation Department, Alchemy Annenberg and the LA County Board of Supervisors. CEF has been a grantee of Music is Unity, an arts foundation founded by Earth Wind and Fire’s Phillip Bailey, for 10 years.

With more than 38 sites served since 2006, CEF continues to value outreach for housing authority residents, juvenile day reporting centers, group homes, hospitals schools, and detention communities to ensure that arts programing reflects the core constructs of self-regulation, problem-solving, relationship skills, leadership, emotional and socio- emotional skills.

Currently, CEF provides skill based tools for 12 community partnering agencies in LA County. CEF continues to use its resources to help our participants living in Probation housing transition back into their community, and CEF ensures that arts therapeutic mentorship programing reflects the core constructs of trauma focused care including self regulation, problem solving, relationship skills, leadership, emotional and socio-emotional intelligence. Integrated Arts has enabled agency collaboration, more meaningful programming to address the most urgent needs of the youth and adult populations impacted the justice system. 

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